Types of Residential Properties Available in Gurgaon

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Homebuyers have many varieties of options today to choose from when it comes to buying a property. When you are looking for a perfect home for your family, it is necessary that you not only take your attention to your present needs but also on those that might arise in the future.

As your home will be a property that will be used by you and may be used by your future generations too, it needs to grow ahead with your family. For example, if you are a family of three in the present time and planning to welcome another member in the future, or your parents are moving in, then your home must be able to adapt the same. Make it a point and ask these questions to yourself to search the perfect home for you.

Homebuyers who are looking at various options generally have 4 types of options, each of which has their own positive views. From a builder floor to apartments in Gurgaon, the following are the four types of residential real estate you can find in NCR.

  • Residential Plots

Residential plots are empty land that has been divided into sections for individualistic housing. You can find plots of different shapes and sizes in India. Residential plots make the best choice for those who want to build a house as per their own preferences. They are also good if you want to build more floors for family accommodation.

  • Builder Floor

If you want a housing option that gives you independent living without the need to spend too much money, then a builder floor is best what you are looking for. Builder floors allow you to own a complete floor or an independent section of it in a low-rise complex. A number of floors command a price that is cheaper than vacant plots and bungalows. You can easily find builder floors in Gurgaon and Delhi other parts of NCR.

  • Apartments

Apartments i.e also called flats, are homes that are a part of a group housing complex. Apartments are a part of high-rise buildings and blocks. As has been seen over the last few years, residential apartments are the most popular housing option in Gurgaon, right now. Apartments have a wide range of options available in them, from 1BHK to even 5BHK. So, you can get the perfect apartment depending on your requirements and budget. Almost all complex apartments come under RERA, and it is strongly advised that you check the RERA registration of the developer before purchasing the apartment.

  • Villas/Bungalows

Bungalows and villas may be perfect for those who are looking for independent living, period. Constructed on plots, you can even meet a few developers that offer villas and/or bungalows as a part of the luxurious projects. That said, most of them are available for resale and are built by individuals who own a residential plot. If you are planning to buy a villa or a bungalow that is a part of the housing complex, do check the RERA registration before committing to a purchase.

If you are really planning to purchase into action, take the help of your local real estate agent or go through an online search to find upcoming real estate projects that fit your requirements.

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Differences between High Rise Apartment and Builder Floor

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There are many differences in the consideration of builder floors and apartments in high rise buildings.

Builder floors are low rise buildings with basically 4 floors or less whereas the high rise projects may have a number of floors depending on the project.
In the builder floors, only a single unit is provided per floor which means that a single family has the entire floor to itself providing the best privacy. On the other hand, the high rise projects have a number of 2, 3 or 4 BHK apartments on a single floor in which one floor is shared by more people.

The cost of builder floors is quite higher as these are for high-end customers who prefer to enjoy better facilities and privacy at a higher cost. The high rise residential building is for the average middle class who required budget housing solution with a ready to move in option. Economically speaking the apartments in high rise buildings are much more suitable in terms of price as well as utilization of available space.

High rise apartments with more units generally have more common amenities such as swimming pools, clubhouses, community halls, and parks for children. The social life is also more inclusive in the case of the high rise apartment as more families live in the same building.

Benefits of Builder Floors

The unique selling point of builder floors is that it allows anyone to own an independent residential unit without having to pay large amounts of money whuch is required for independent bungalows or villas. The price difference between an villa and the builder floor makes it an economical option for all those who want a better lifestyle at limited costs.

Along with the privacy and luxury of an entire floor to you do not have to pay maintenance charge and other charges which is applicable in high rise apartment. The builder floors admit one the freedom to choose the locality of the house in developed areas. There is a better opportunity for friends or like-minded people to get together and buying all the floors of a building to have a separate building that will not be disturbed by outsiders as is the case in high rise buildings that has a large number of apartments.

Each floor has its separate water and connection of electricity which helps avoid misunderstandings which are common in high rise apartments where floors are shared by many families. The higher premium amenities on the property are naturally expected as the new owner gets independence along with luxury.

Common Problems faced by Owners of Builder Floor

Along with owning a luxury builder floor, there are a few problems. The first among these is the maintenance activities that are taken care of by the maintenance staff in large residential complexes have now to be managed by the owner himself. Additionally, community facilities are absent in most of the builder floor which is commonly available in larger societies. This is because only a few families will be sharing the complete complex. Hence the supervision has to be carried out by the owner.

Must Checks While Buying Builder Floors

The customer must do a few fundamental checks while buying any kind of real estate, the situation becomes even more critical and essential in case of builder floors as only a few customers are involved. Some of the important checks that must be carried out first to buying a builder floor are mentioned below.

  • 1. The title of the property has to be verified at the courts or land record offices.
  • 2. Check out the market rates which are applicable in that area or the base rate are fixed by the local authority.
  • 3. Consult and discuss with many builders, brokers, and individual landowners before making up your decision

The builder floors promise to provide the best and luxury lifestyle at an affordable price. However, these are associated with some inherent risks, which can be catered for by a bit of research and planning carefully.

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A To Z Information About Builder Floors

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India has a lot in store for residential space. With different types such as apartments, individual houses, builder floors, etc. there is always an option from which we can choose. Builder floors have gotten popular at the time. Demand for an independent house has motivated many builders in converting localities into builder floors. Not only can builder floors be built on limited space but also the entire floor is constructed in such a way that it can adapt more people.


builder floor

What is a builder floor?

The builder floor is residential units in a low-rise independent building. These floors are built on a small or medium small-sized plot and each floor is sold at different prices. These are highly in demand and a little expensive. These floors are constructed by the builder who cooperates with a landowner under a joint development agreement. There are several house buyers who are looking out for new build-up residential options with elements of luxury. This is the reason behind the creation of well-designed builder floors.


Advantages and disadvantages of investing in a builder floors


  • It helps in building an independent residential space without paying a heavy price like for a villa or a bungalow.
  • Essure privacy, freedom from maintenance and other charges which is applicable in big developer projects.
  • Separate water and electricity connection for each floor and mess-free environment unlike shared floor in larger residential communities.
  • When the entire floor is determined together, one can expect a higher rate when selling the floor.
  • All floors can be brought to family or friends to have a separate community on their own.


  • In comparison to big apartments, these builder floors have not a team for maintenance of the community and owners have to maintain all the activities by themselves.
  • Additional amenities like fitness centers, swimming pools, etc. are absent in a builder floor because they are built with small and limited space and these builder floors have a smaller number of people living there.


Things that everyone should keep in mind when investing in a builder floor.

  • Research before making a decision on the builder floor which you are going to build up.
  • Check for the circle rate and general rate of the locality in which you are interested.
  • Verify the title of the property in the court
  • Due to the growing popularity, several developers have led to announcing projects for the builder floor in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, etc. Increasing metros reach has also played a huge role in making these builder floors much popular.
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